Our restaurant has always been a staple of the hotel. Here you can find a variety of plates both traditional and modern to try, as well as of course the famous Asparagus of Cantello (Available in Spring).


Winter 2021


Warm chicory salad with calamari and anchovies

Cuttlefish soup with squid ink with cream of potatoes and soysauce

Culatta prosciutto di Zibello with fried dough

Hot puff pastry with cream of artichoke sauce

Beef tartare with creamy yolk and crispy bread wafer




Ravioli del Plin with reduced meat sauce and Parmigiano

Pumpkin gnocchi with butter and sage, Rochefort fondue and chopped toasted walnuts

Tagliolini egg pasta with artichokes and prawns

Risotto  with black garlic, Castelmagno cheese and marinated tomatoes.

Homemade spaghetti with creamed cacio cheese, pepper and topped with fried artichokes




Pan fried Cod fish with roasted carmagnola peppers

Turbot fish fillet with mashed potato

Saddle of lamb in an almond and pumpkin crust*

Veal fillet with caramelized figs and foie gras

Sliced beef steak with artichokes




Freshly baked Chocolate cake with homemade icecream

Walnut Focaccia with fresh persimmon cream

Coconut Dacquise with Almond Cream

Puff pastry with berries and fiordilatte icecream

Catalana cream with sesame seed romias

Chocolate and vanilla Mousse



Cover charge € 3.00