New Year’s Eve party with music





Gourmet Welcome Aperitif, tartlets with:

  • Pumpkin, ginger and rosemary;
  • hummus, octopus and pistachios,
  • smoked salmon mouse;
  • speck and sweet and sour pepper;
  • marinated pesto and cherry tomatoes;
  • quail egg with soy mayonnaise



  • Sea bass millefeuille and scallops with Pachino coulis
  • Quail breast with foie gras pulp



  • Cod ravioli with basil pesto and cherry tomatoes
  • Risotto with Prosecco di Valdobbiadene and provolone, reduced roast and yellow dattarini confit



  • Veal mdaglioni with potato roesti and vegetable caponatina



  • New Year’s Eve dessert

2022, for a good start to the year….. Cotechino with lentils

Euro 110.00 including drinks but excluding Champagne