Single, double and family accommodation.

Since 1700, it has always been an obligatory stop for those who, from Northern Europe, entered Italy, stopping when they found a small wooden Madonna on the roadside that indicated this inn. Where you could eat, sleep, and change the horse. Hence the name Madonnina which remained even when in 1911 it became a registered hotel.

It is located in Cantello, a town on the Italian-Swiss border of Stabio-Gaggiolo, not far from Lugano, Lake Como and Lake Maggiore,. Just 7 km away from Varese and 60 km from Milan, precisely because of its geographical position it, is an interesting address for those who want to visit the surroundings but also for those who having arrived across the Gotthard pass into Italy and want to continue towards Tuscany, Umbria and the south.

A beautiful residence surrounded by wisteria, ivy and grapevine, red or green according to the seasons, furnished with elegant simplicity, enchants with the muffled atmosphere of candlelit dinners, with the charm of a place of other times and especially with its cuisine. but the Madonnina is not only a romantic atmosphere, it is also a pleasant monento for the guests  who find opportunities for recreation in the swimming pool, located on the  roof garden of one of the building’s roofs, overlooking the old historic center of the town and on the mountains, near and far, in a scenario spectacular. and so it happens that the Madonna continues to exert her subtle magic on visitors who, perhaps arriving for the night, will extend their stay or will then make it an obligatory stop on the way back and in future travels: not only a tourist destination but a destination for heart